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We are not like other Pizza companies and chains out there.
We are Local and want to make sure you enjoy every single order from us whether online or over the phone.
We want you to not only choose from our delicious menu but also create your own pizza and enjoy it
exactly the way you want it. Its why we are here, it’s what we stand for. Quality Pizza. Give us a try.

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Our CEO's and restaurants' response and safety measures taken:

Dear Customers, as you all may be aware that COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and during this difficult time we are making sure we strictly adhere by our core value and take good care of all our customers in every way we possibly can. We are closely following events concerning the pandemic and have extra safegaurding in place to make sure your meal with us is still as tasty and safe as it has been before this unpredicted event. We use antibacterial gel each time we serve a customer, clean work tops and the eat in area very often and mop the floor few times a day. So please have trust and be at peace that the food we prepare for customers in made and cooked in a safe and hygienic environment.

We urge customers to avoid using cash and pay by card where possible and if it doubt regarding your health please phone and inform us so we can make alternative delivery options eg. ringing you and leaving food at the door step for you to collect.
We have drivers working round the clock to make sure you get what and when you need, avoiding any unneccesary travel so please make use of this free delivery service. We are working closely with local health agencies and following advice given by them and safety of our customers and staff is the top most priority and always has been.
Our good wishes go out to the people who are affected and a massive thankyou to all those selfless healthcare workers that work so hard in these difficult times to save lives!

Viresh Patel